11-04-2019 DM’s Crazy Golddigger Karmic Feels Threatened by Me, his DF, and PROVES it on Quora App.

Last chance to stop .

My Twin Flame Journey - Wait, what?

One of her flying monkeys posted this picture of the Crazy Golddigger Karmic, my DM and my DM’s twin brother, on the Quora app as a comment to one of my posts. I respect my DM’s anonymity, so I covered his face. I am quite sure she won’t mind the attention, so I left her exposed.

One of the things I learned early in life is that when someone doesn’t feel threatened by you, they don’t bother to waste their time and energy on you. If someone doesn’t care, they just don’t bother. Think about it. Do you lose sleep over the jerk who happened to flip you off after you accidentally cut them off making that lane change? No, you don’t. You see what I mean, right?

This whole frickin journey is about learning life lessons and it sucks. Granted, the end result is worth it. The end result…

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Published by DontFlinchDaddyAntDurnk!!

Im a Chef i am 35 year old . I am a introvert and victim of a narcissistic and bipolar ex girlfriend . I have experience in relationships that are toxic and with emotional as well as physically abusive partner.

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