10-11-2019 What If All This Twin Flame Telepathy Is Only A Manifestation of My Mind?

If your can find it in your hart to please call me a talk it would be great to here how you are doing and all

My Twin Flame Journey - Wait, what?

Yep. I thought about that, too. Maybe this whole thing is in my mind.

But then it hit me. My mind cannot manifest the synchronicities I see 9 out of 10 times I just HAPPEN to glance at the clock.

My mind cannot manifest the TONS of sexual juju that pops off down in my pants at ALL parts of the day even when I am trying to concentrate on, say, getting groceries at the friggin supermarket.

My mind can’t possibly manifest waking myself up between 3–4am every morning without fail and without an alarm, and many times at 3:33, and usually just for sexual juju.

My mind no longer refers to me most of the time as ‘I’…it says ‘You/You’re’. It’s not, “I forgot to brush my teeth,” in my head. It’s, “You forgot to brush your teeth.” “I like your ass in those jeans.” “I hate that I…

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Im a Chef i am 35 year old . I am a introvert and victim of a narcissistic and bipolar ex girlfriend . I have experience in relationships that are toxic and with emotional as well as physically abusive partner.

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